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About Us

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Who We Are – Domestic Ventilation System Company

photo-office@2xHomevent Pty Ltd is an Australian domestic ventilation system company that specialises in ventilation and helps to provide a healthy living environment for homes in Australia. Our vision is to provide a healthy living environment that improves the health and longevity of both the homeowner and the home.

Our Mission

  1. To Create healthy living environments in the home.
  2. To source the best products in our field and provide them to the domestic ventilation market.
  3. To provide the best possible customer service.

We are dedicated to our customers, and believe our customer always should come first.


Homevent Pty Ltd has played a leading role in the shaping of domestic ventilation in Australia and New Zealand since its incorporation approximately 10 years ago. To date, approximately one million homes have enjoyed the benefits of our Company’s innovation as we continue to strive to provide the best products and services for our customers.

What We Do

Homevent and our expert team, makes homes healthy, improving their living environment by elimination damp and mould, pollen, odours, allergens and all sorts of unpleasant aspects of a home that may exist.

We diagnose, treat and eliminate problem damp to protect buildings and promote health and comfort.

We are fully licensed and are one of the most experienced ventilation companies operating in Australia.

We are the best at designing and installing ventilation systems and other products to eliminate problems in the home.

Along with thousands of our customers, you can have confidence that Homevent® apply the best products and services available for your home and business.

Our consultants and technicians are trained to isolate the root causes of problem damp and deliver proven products and services to eliminate the cause and effect.

We provide ventilation solutions to eliminate problem moisture and condensation responsible for most harmful mould and mildew, rising damp, structural damage, pest infestation and problem odours.

Homevent® has:

  • 15 years+ experience fixing problem damp in homes
  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers Australia wide
  • The best, largest and exclusive products in Australia
  • Expert consultants and technicians
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Licensed and Insured

The Homevent Team

Our Team is trained in providing the highest level of customer service and with an intimate knowledge of our products, they ensure that the right solution is installed to meet the unique requirements of your home.

All members of the installation team are certified to current ASS wiring regulations and HVAC standards. They are also equipped with the latest tooling technology providing you with the peace of mind and confidence that the highest level of quality will be achieved.