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Energy Recovery Ventilation

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Ventilate with clean, fresh air without compromising heating with an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

How Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) works

Modern houses are sealed and the air is laden with moisture and pollutants created by the daily activities of its occupants. The stale and polluted air from in the household may cause significant health problems for the occupants. Also condensation build-ups caused by a well-insulated home, contribute to mould and an unhealthy living atmosphere.

By replacing stale air with fresh, dry air you can create a healthier, drier and warmer living environment for your family.

Reducing moisture increases heating efficiency as your heater or air-conditioner no longer has to dry the air before heating it.

Traditionally, ventilation has compromised home heating as it cools the home in winter. This is where the Homevent ERV comes into a league of its own. Acting as an Energy Recovery System, once installed in the roof space it removes stale inside air and odours outwards, passing warmed, tempered, outside air back through vents into your home. The ERV provides you with a continuous circulation of fresh, healthy air and being energy efficient maximises any wasted heat in your home.

The warm, dryer air being circulated makes your home easier to heat, decreasing your energy demand while the balanced ventilation minimises dampness and condensation.

The fresh air distribution and stale air exhaust ducts are connected to the ERV. Two other ducts are also connected to the unit: one for gathering fresh air from outside and the other one to exhaust the stale air to outside. The air exchanger manages the ventilation for the whole house.


What an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is used for.

Ventilation through open windows is not always ideal, especially during the colder months when you are trying to keep your premises warm. The use of a energy efficient ventilation system with energy recovery will help to maintain a fresh ambiance and help to recover up to 90% of the warmth created inside.

With an ever increasing demand for building air tightness for improved energy efficiency, effective ventilation is also necessary for improving indoor air quality and the protection of building structures from fungal growth. The ventilation system helps to reduce the impact of humidity and the accumulation of pollutants by exchanging inside air with fresh air from outside.

During the heating season, heat is transferred from the warm indoor exhaust air into the cold outdoor supply air inside the ERV.

If you are air conditioning the indoor air, heat is transferred from the warm/hot outdoor supply air into the cool exhaust indoor air inside the heat exchanger, thus reducing the temperature of the fresh air coming in. The heat exchanger not only transfers this heat but transfers some of the moisture in the more humid supply air into the less humid exhaust air, thus reducing the humidity of the fresh air coming in. This heat/energy transfer means that your house cooling system uses less energy when compared to any other form of ventilation. This transfer of heat or energy is accomplished with very little or no mixing of the 2 air streams, meaning the pollutants are exhausted and the heat/energy is recovered.

Why Use Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

  • Exhausts damp, foul air and odours from the building, improving the air quality
  • Ventilates with fresh, warmed air creating a drier environment making your home easier to heat
  • The Homevent balanced ventilation system leads to a healthier environment by working to expel indoor humidity that can promote the build-up of mould and mildew
  • Drier air is easier to heat than moist air, the energy demand is similar to a lightbulb
  • Recovers up to 90% of energy from outgoing air to incoming fresh air – maximising any wasted heat from your home
  • Efficient, durable, and a five-year warranty

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