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Residential Air-conditioning Servicing

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Having regular air conditioning maintenance will extend the life of your system and help save you money on your heat and cooling bills. A well maintained air conditioner will not only cool your home, it will help clean the air and control the level of moisture in the air. Homevent can save you money by professionally servicing your air conditioner, leaving it running more efficiently.

Make sure your air conditioner is running at peak performance with the best residential air conditioning service. We take a preventative approach to air conditioner maintenance; this allows us to find faults before they become an expensive issue.

When our installers arrive at your property to carry out an installation, they are careful to ensure that your home remains clean and tidy by wearing protective shoes.

They will also vacuum clean up any dust or debris. Our friendly installers provide help and instructions on how our innovative products work, explaining the benefits they will bring to your health and home.

Duct Cleaning and Sterilisation

Ducting that has mould or bacteria growing in it can not only reduce the air flow but can spread air-borne sicknesses and odours


Homevent can clean and sterilise your ducting at the same time as servicing your residential air conditioner. This will increase the efficiency of your system as well as controlling the mould, bacteria and yeast and help to limit the spread of air-borne sickness.

When arranging a service for your air conditioner, arrange to have your ducting cleaned and sterilised too. Call Homevent today. They will be only too pleased to assist you.

Filter Cleaning & Replacement

If your air conditioner is struggling to keep its cool, not working efficiently and using a lot of energy, it probably needs a service to clean and remove any mould or contaminants on the filter.
A dirty and inefficient air conditioner can use up to 20% more energy than it should and therefore costing a lot.


A service by Homevent will clean your air conditioning unit and have it working just like new again. First we will measure the temperature and do an air flow test. Then we will clean the air filter, coils and condenser and treat them with Safe T Air Cream, an anti-mould treatment product made with natural tea tree oil to control any future mould. On split systems we spray the grille with Safe T spray, which also has natural tea tree oil, to control mould etc. We then re-test the temperature and air flow.

Cleaning or replacing your air conditioning filter can reduce your systems energy usage by around 20% and controlling the bacteria, mould and yeast that cause odours and spread air-born sickness.

Call Homevent today and arrange to have your air conditioner serviced and cleaned today.