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Pre-purchase Ventilation Inspections

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Pre-purchase Inspections by Homevent

A full assessment for structural heat and moisture control issues, as well as a ventilation inspection, is recommended for every house acquisition. Professional pre-purchase inspections carried out by Homevent can help you determine the the right value of your next Real Estate investment.

Identifying Potential Problems

Problem damp is a frequent occurrence that is found in all homes and buildings. Additionally, it is also common for homeowners to be unaware of having damp issues in their homes, which can ultimately lead to serious problems such as mould, musty odours, wood rot, flaking paint, structural damage and pest issues.

Homevent Solutions

Homevent consultants and technicians are trained to professionally give you an in-house damp assessment, diagnosing the problem and providing you with a practical solution. We can provide you with a paid Mould and Damp report that details issues found at the property. Inspection reports cost vary and will be charged at the discretion of the preparer however they are sometimes free, (conditions apply).

A set price quote at competitive rates to suit your needs and solve your damp problem is normally free of charge.

If necessary, we will install a home ventilation system that continuously removes excess moisture from the home, eradicating any unsafe health environment issues.


The advantages of real estate pre-purchase ventilation inspections by Homevent include:

  • Making sure your property is free of problems such as rising damp, mould and mildew, rot, unwanted odours and pest infestation.
  • Preventing structural damage caused by rising damp, which may become an issue for potential homebuyers.
  • If you are purchasing a home, you will have the piece of mind knowing what costs you may incur after the purchase and if the house is worth buying.

So call Homevent now to discuss any possible problems relating to damp or mould a house may have and how they can help you solve those problems. We offer real estate pre-purchase ventilation inspections services. Hire our consultants or call us on 1300 577 777.

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