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House Condensation

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Wondering how to stop house condensation problem on your windows? We explain what’s causing this problem and what you can do about it.

Surface condensation is the result of moisture from the air coming into contact with a cooler surface. Occasional beads of moisture on your windows usually aren’t a problem. If, however, windows are frequently weeping and stay that way for a length of time, you probably have a condensation issue.

Condensation, arguably the most common form of dampness, can eventually lead to the growth of mould. It forms on internal surfaces when the temperature drops sufficiently below the temperature of moist air inside the property. If it is left to develop, house condensation problem can aggravate or trigger health problems such as asthma and other respiratory complaints.

House Condensation Problem

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air meets a cold surface such as a window, mirror or wall and causes water droplets to form. It can leave water stains, help rot to set in and cause mildew growth.

As property owners have become increasingly energy conscious, they have looked for ways to save energy in the home through insulation, draft proofing, double glazing and blocking off chimneys, all of which has increased the humidity within indoor air.

Winter is usually the time when mildew and condensation really become problems.

Three important factors cause condensation:

  • The level of moisture in the air
  • The temperature of the air in your home
  • The surface temperature of the windows

The more moisture there is in the air the more likely it is that you will get condensation. If condensation occurs over a prolonged period of time, other signs will start to appear such as damp patches on walls, peeling wallpaper and ultimately black mould growth. House Condensation problems will also occur under suspended timber floors and will contribute to the decay of the wooden floor.

House Condensation Solutions

Homes in many parts of Australia are prone to condensation. You don’t, however, have to put up with weeping windows and damp curtains, when often all it takes is improving the ventilation in your home.

When it comes to getting rid of condensation, as well as finding a healthy solution to improving your home environment, Homevent can offer you an efficient and effective way of controlling condensation. In fact, we’ve got your whole home covered – from super efficient extraction fans for problem areas like bathrooms, to our ventilation solutions that expel moisture and condensation. Positive pressure ventilation acts to expel damp and moisture from your home.

If you’re not sure if the issue is house condensation, rising damp, or a problem from the roof or guttering, give us a call now to find out what Homevent solutions can do for you! We’re on hand to help you solve your condensation problems!