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Hot in Summer

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Hot Home Problems

Is your home hot and humid, draining, not very comfortable to live in and in the hot, sticky summer months just doesn’t breathe? Do you have difficulty in trying to sleep?

Hot Home Solutions – HRV ventilation system in summer

Keep your home cool by keeping that stale, hot air moving especially on those hot sticky nights. Getting cooler air in is the only way and proper ventilation allows your home to breathe without the need to have windows open.

We have solutions that can help transform your home from an oven, to a comfortable retreat, so you can get on with living more comfortably. Our ventilation solutions are cleverly designed to make the most of cooler air around your home to balance and regulate the temperature within it to make sure your house is a safe and healthy home.

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a controlled ventilation system that recycles and recovers heat from the exhaust air stream. If your home is air-conditioned, the HRV collects available heated energy in the winter and cooled energy in the summer.

Don’t be uncomfortable this Summer. Call Homevent now for a free home assessment to show you how our ventilation systems can greatly improve your family’s quality of life.