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“We had damp problems for many months in our house which was creating unpleasant smells of mould and mildew. Since Homevent installed a ventilation system, the problems have gone. We are delighted with the results and that what we thought might be a serious problem has gone away!”

S. Ghosh

“We had your company install a ventilation system at our building and are so happy and satisfied with its performance. We are glad we found out about your products because we realised our previous ventilation system didn’t work well enough, it was too noisy and was putting moisture and dampness into our roof space.”

Robert H.

“The ventilation installed by Homevent at our house has been very effective. Previously there was very little air movement under the house and now moisture levels are under control. Homevent responded quickly to maintenance issues and we recommend their service to others.”

Nick T.

“We live in a very old house in the Hunter Valley. The poor sub-floor ventilation in our house built was causing us many problems especially given the recent high rainfall in the Hunter. Homevent was happy to conduct an on-site inspection and provide a quote for a comprehensive solution at a competitive price. We are very happy with the results and would happily recommend Homevent to anyone.”

Phil & Julie.

“Recently I had a lot of sickness’ I felt that my house was full of dampness. I can recommend Homevent because they came along and fixed my problem. I now have no damp problems in my home and my health has improved tremendously.


We love our Ventilation System that was installed; it has made such a difference to our home. We are so glad we did the job properly by getting you guys out. Our system is the best thing since sliced bread.

L. Batty