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Cold in Winter

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Don’t Let These Winter Home Problems Leave You Out in the Cold. Learn how to ventilate home in winter, common issues, and solutions.

Cold Home Problems

Are your teeth chattering as you watch TV? Well, you’re not the only one – you’re one of many. Cold homes are often damp too and can trigger illnesses like unnecessary flus, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. It’s time to change your environment.

Cold Home Solutions

There are lots of ways to heat your home, but you need to do it efficiently. Energy is an expensive resource, so you need to use it wisely.
Drying out the air in your home is the best start. From there it’s much easier and more efficient to heat.

Dry air is the perfect foundation for heating, which is why ventilation is the key to helping us heat our homes more efficiently.

There’s also a lot of existing heat in our homes that can be put to better use, just by ventilating that warm, dry air around the home. Our clever range of ventilation solutions makes the most of these existing heat sources to sustainably warm your home environment.

If you have an existing heat source, you can use our heat transfer system to balance the temperature in your home, transferring energy from one side to the other.

Having a suitable mechanical extract ventilation solution in place during the winter months is the best way to ventilate your home so it can take care of you.

Give Homevent a call to find out how you can make your cold home a warmer, friendlier home to be in. Our technicians will advise you on how to achieve this efficiently and economically. Give Homevent a call now for a free in-home assessment.