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Home Air Purification Treatments

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Stale, impure air can not only be uncomfortable but also downright unhealthy. It can allow mould and bacteria to grow and flourish and cause numerous problems, particularly with your health.


The answer is to purify the air and this can be done in various ways:

The Fog Treatment

Using a cold fogger is an effective way to eliminate mould and musty smells in large or inaccessible spaces. A fogger evenly mists a mould control liquid to saturate the air in the enclosed environment and evenly coat all surfaces crushing the mould spores as it dries. It is ideal for large spaces e.g. entire rooms basements, cellars, hard-to-reach areas such as attics, crawlspaces, wall cavities and new construction sites.

Homevent’s Patented Full Flow Home Air Filtration System

This configuration of this patented full flow filter increases the surface area thereby improving airflow distribution. Maintenance is easy as there is a long duration between cleaning or replacement. It is also simple as the filter can simply be washed gently in cold water, dried naturally and refitted.

This unique, patented technology is effective at eliminating existing mould and prevents mould regrowth. It also eliminates musty odours with no harmful chemicals.

The Energy recovery and heat recovery ventilation systems

This is possibly the best home air purification system as it does a number of things simultaneously – it removes stale air; it replaces the stale air with fresh air that has been filtered and is full of oxygen; and it maintains room temperature up to 95%.

Benefits of Home Air Purification System

  • The Homevent Ventilation Systems filters the air, and expels damp and moisture from your home.
  • This helps reducing the effects of allergies, dust mites, Asthma, and respiratory disease.
  • Our range of ventilation solutions provides you with world-leading technology to improve your homes environment.

So call Homevent now to discuss any home air purification problems you may have and how they can help you solve those problems. We offer air purification system treatment services. For a healthier Home call us now for a FREE In-Home Assessment on 1300 577 777